Ball Tripping

Using cheating techniques were easy in the past but now the techniques are changed and the whole process becomes more critical. Now, cheating in roulette is so hard that you have to be skilled to get success in the game without being caught. There are many cheating techniques that can be used to beat the roulette wheel and some techniques are described briefly below:

Using Magnets

This is one of the oldest method to beat the roulette wheel but now this technique can not use in the modern casinos. In this process 4 magnets were placed around the wheel and a trigger was placed to the player hand that could pull the trigger to fix the ball position on the preferred place. Sometimes, pockets of the wheel had magnets and the ball was made by iron and the ball was attracted by the magnet of the pocket.

Tampering the Wheel

A player can temper the wheel to put the ball on some fixed area of the wheel and if you know what is the tempered area then you can bet on those slots to win in the game.

Ball Tripping

Owners of the casinos can use this technique to cheat with their players. In this process they can change the result of every round and if they have personal interaction with some players then they can change the result about their favors.

Past Relocation

To use this skill, you have to be skilled. When the ball is going to stop on a slot the player can change his or her bet on the winning slot. The whole process has to be done swiftly and only a skilled and swift person can do this and if the player gets caught then the player can have worst luck.

Controlling the Ball

If the dealer wants he or she can change the outcome of a wheel but to do that the dealer has to be skilled at his or her work. If this type of cheating happens then you will have nothing to do and the only way is to bet on after ball placed on the wheel.

Scientific Cheating in Roulette

There are many scientific cheating methods to change the outcome of the roulette wheel and theoretically every of those methods are perfect but using those methods practically is always problematic and you have to be real professional about those methods to use perfectly those cheating methods on the wheel and get the highest chances of winning in the game.

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