Charles Wells

Story of Charles Wells

Charles Wells was born in 1841 and died in 1926. His middle name was Deville. He was for the gambling but ultimately he was a cheater. He won a lot in gambling but in his last years of his life, he spent more time in jail and he lived like a beggar in that time. The owner of the Monte Carlo casino was Francois Blanc, who started the zero slots in the roulette wanted to make publicity about different great winnings in the gambling sector and he stated that as the breaking the bank and the famous song related to Charles Wells winnings was come from this methods of Francois Blanc.

Starting of Gambling

He always wanted to rich and famous and he always thought that one day he would be an inventor. He asked the bankers to invest to his inventions but when he got the money he cost all the money in gambling especially by playing roulette. In the year 1891 he got £4000 by cheating with some customers and went to the Monte Carlo and start playing the roulette. He played a long time around 11 hours and he won around a million in that day. In the next day he also played early in the morning and played the whole day and won around million and he did the same in the next day.

Gambling Going On

After the winnings went over 3 million he left the Monte Carlo and did not come here for a few years. He lived like a rich man he used to have different luxurious products like long large house; motor cars etc. after a few years he came back to Monte Carlo and won another 2 millions but in the 3rd time when he came back he was arrested for doing fraud. There was no question that Wells was a great gambler but he was not a great man, he did many cheats to the people and for that he got in jail for many years.

People do not know what Wells did every time but many private detectives waste their times to find out every thing but the real truth is that nothing has found so far and now, he has become the legend of the gambling world. He was a hero for gambling not for being a great man.

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