Joseph Jagger

Roulette Legends

Roulette is an old game and this game has been played broadly in every corner of this world for last few centuries and still the popularity of this game is increasing rapidly. This is a game where luck and chance is everything and you can do only a little or nothing to change the outcome of this game. If you read carefully, you can find many stories about roulette legends. There were some exceptional gamblers who won a lot by playing roulette and this was not just a myth this is true. Joseph Jagger was one of the best gamblers of this world who won a lot from playing roulette.

Joseph Jagger

Jagger was born in the starting half of the 19th century in Yorkshire. We worked in a mill as an engineer and he loved to play roulette and other casino games. He loved machines and he invented many machines that were helpful to do their jobs. He also loved the roulette machines and its playing systems and soon his interest to this gaming machine increased rapidly. He thought about different methods to increase the winning odds about the game but for many years he was unable to find an effective system that would increase the winning odds of the game and after a few years of research he came with a decision.

Working Process

He started with the 4 main casinos of Monte Carlo. He secretly assigned some people who would take note about different roulette wheels of those casinos. After a few days of looking for he was able to find a machine, what was providing many results for some fixed numbers? Then he started playing with that machine and in the 1st day he won at least $70000 and that was a large amount in that time. Then in the next day also went in the casino and that day he won over $100000 and in the next day he also won a lot. The casino authority also realized the problem with the machine.

The casino changed the position of the machine in the next day and that day he lose but after a few searches he was able to find that machine and he again started to win. Casino again changed the position of the machine within a few days, Jagger lost more than he earned in that troubled days and then he left Monte Carlo with huge earnings and never came back in the city.

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