Laser scam

Recent Roulette Scam

The latest scam news of roulette is about winning around 2 million pounds in 2 days. 3 players were arrested to do the scam but this is the first time when latest technology used to measure the balls speed and that makes the ultimate result of the game.

The Whole Process

3 gamblers came to play in a casino and they won around 300000 pounds in a single night and they came again in the next day and that time they had won around 1.2 million and that was the highest amount by winning at roulette. They used a laser device to measure the ball falling rate. They used the device to calculate ball speed when it rounded the wheel. By this calculation they were able to determine the estimated positions for the balls end.

This system can work on the laboratory but they used the technology in practical ways and they got the result in their hand. The result is outstanding and for that cause they have won that much but the casino suspected scams and then the casino found out the whole process and they call the police to arrest them. The total process is given below:

How the Whole Process Worked

  1. The laser scanner can be hidden on the mobile phone and when the wheel spun by croupier that scanner started counting the velocity.
  2. Then the scanner counted the decaying orbit when the ball pasts the slots of the wheel.
  3. 3. Those two measurements were given to a computer where multiple calculations were made to find out the most probable slots or numbers to bet on.
  4. 4. When all the calculations were done, then the result were sent to the players mobile phone and according those calculations bets were placed and they won a huge amount that players can hardly think about by gambling.

So the total process is a scientific process and you have to be really accurate to calculate the exact positions. This scam changed the whole process of roulette scams and the casinos have to think about new scientific threats and this is something they can not stop because finding out the whole process is not as easy task and if find out then taking necessary steps is not easy because most of the time they do not have any proof.

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