Who Was Mumbles

He was the original inventor of modern past posting methods. People do not know what his real name was but he was called by this name because of his throat problems. He had throat cancer and for the operation he could not talk, he could only talk with a help of talking machine and he only used the machine if using was urgent otherwise he used hand signal to contact with other people. He born in New York around the year 1897 and he invented the past posting theory in the 1950s in Puerto Rico. This is an amazing theory and this method really works if the game has only one dealer.

How It Started

This started when; he went to Puerto Rico to his sister where she was a nurse. He went there to take care of his cancer and his sister could take care of his cancer. He went in a casino to play different casino games where he started with the craps. He bet with a $5 chip where the man next to him bet $30 with a $5 chip and $25 chip for the pass line bet. When the shooter shoot the craps dices pass line bets came out and the next of Mumbles man won. The dealer paid him for only $5 because the dealer could not see the $25 chips under the $5 chips. When that player showed the $25 chips the dealer asked for forgiveness and paid for the $25 chips.

This event changed the thoughts of Mumbles, he thought that this was a silly mistake but the outcome was great. The next day he went in another casino and used this trick. He changed the chips positions to the winning position and the dealer could not see that so the dealer paid him for the winning chances. He used the trick in the craps for a few days but that game was not so profitable and he used to start past posting in roulette. In roulette the payouts are higher than other games so when he changed the position of his chips the dealer could not see and he won a lot than the craps.

Why Past Posting is Dangerous

This is a dangerous cheating method because if the dealer catches you then you have to pay penalties for your faults and if everything goes worse then they can call the police and you have to go in prison for 3 to 6 months even bigger time. So, if you really want to use this method then you have to be fast, agile and swift and you also can not use the same trick twice in a day if you do so the casino can suspect something and you can be caught.

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