Richard Marcus

This is a true story of cheating in American roulette and the man named Richard Marcus is the cause for this story. The never apologize for what he have done and he never compromised with the cheating. He is a known cheater but none can ever catch him. He did the same thing for the last 25 years and he gained a lot for the whole thing and when everyone knew about his tricks in his book named American Roulette, everybody now knows that he is master of the cheaters. He wrote about all his tricks in his book named the American Roulette.

He wrote about many past posting and other techniques to beat the dealer of different games where luck and chances are everything. Many of those techniques were unknown to the gambling world before he wrote in his book and now those techniques are unleashed to the market so casino dealers have to take extra care to the players to avoid those techniques.

Story on Cheating

In his interview he said that, he never cheated with the casinos he just used the gambling. He told he never stole the money of a casino he won that money whether; the way was fair or not. He is not going to apologize to the casinos because he did nothing wrong, he just gamble like other did with simple modifications, and if everything is gambling, then his techniques are the part of gambling and he is a real amazing man.

Some of his past posting techniques are unique, none ever used those techniques before and those techniques are really works. Every technique has its own time to use, and the player has to wait for the perfect time. You have to be fast and swift to use each and every past posting technique. If you ever caught up then you will be punished for the cheating so always aware about the consequences of past posting.

Cheating is not allowed in casino games and the process is really illegal, so if you ever want to use cheating techniques then you have to take the risk with your own so never make other people sacrificed for your own mistakes. Use those techniques with your own risk and never use the technique unless you are skilled in it.

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