Famous Cheaters

There are a lot of really talented people from different spheres: medicine, science, art and so on. But also, there are people which are considered to be professionals in roulette77 cheating. It is quite strange, but such people can also have their own hall of fame because each of them made some contribution into the casino cheating. Those can be new schemes, devices, moves or just quick-wittedness.

Roulette scams and cheaters

Sherri Skoons

At first, Sherri Skoons helped the Richard Marcus' team. At the beginning of her casino "career", Sherri helped her team by sitting at a table and attracting the dealer's attention when it was necessary. Later, when she became reliable team player, Marcus let her become a "check bettor." She had to bet on some certain numbers.

After that she was "promoted" again. Her new responsibilities were to cash out the money. At first sight, nothing special, indeed there are certain rules how to stay unnoticed when getting the money from the cashier, taking into consideration that there are always hundreds of cameras in each casino. The team made a lot of money with her help. In 1995 she decided to quit. She went to school and chose forensic criminology.

Duke Wilson

Duke Wilson was a member of Classon Pastposting Team in 1969. He was Roulette mechanic. He was doing chip-switches and distracted the dealer simultaneously. He was able to do difficult tricks at a Roulette table in one second. His specialty was pastposting $100 and $500 chips.

Balls Abramowitz

Balls Abramowitz was brilliant in poker cheating. They say he won more than he lost. When he was 21, he had more experience than some compulsive gambler. In 1989, after the Classon Pastposting Team broke up, Marcus trained Balls as a "claimer". Than he created the biggest casinos cheat team.

There are a lot of other famous Roulette cheaters: Joseph Jagger, Charles Wells, Mumbels, etc. All of them created the Roulette history, cheating in particular.

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