Top hatting

Top Hatting, What Is It?

This is not common term of regular roulette and it does not use often. This is the past posting system of the roulette but it is really illegal way and you can not use it often because if you caught up during the process you will have penalty and sometimes you have to get into prison for this illegal process, so if you want to use it then you have to be skilled on this process and also make sure that you can not caught by the casino authority.

How It Works?

In this process the dealer and player has to work together and they have to make a way to work out the whole plan. The croupier has to put a chip on the winning number within the time when the winning number selected and this process is really profitable but illegal. If the chip is only $25 then the payout for this task can be around $875 and that is really a large amount. This is a work that can be done easily but it is easier to detect the cheating. If the partners are so hungry then they can be caught up within a few rounds but if they use normal techniques and systems then they can earn a lot more.

What Will Happen If Caught Up

If the casino authority suspects any cheating then they can use the CCTV records of that roulette table and it is really easy to find out the whole process. There are many cases in the whole world where this technique used and in UK in a casino this process going on for a year because those frauds used low winning amount everyday so anyone could not suspect them until a new pit boss came to the casino and caught them.

If you caught up by doing this process then the consequences will be really hard for you. You have to pay penalties and other fees for the cheating and if worse then the casino authority can call the police and you can have 6 months to 1 year detention so always beware about the consequences of the total process and never try this process unless you have nothing to do.

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